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Leka Construction handles the job of installing or repairing any masonry you have. Our professionals will have your project done in a timely manner, and we get our materials from well-respected suppliers throughout the area. We'll evaluate your masonry structure to determine what damages have occurred and what will be the best route to restore the stone, or we can build an entire masonry structure from scratch. There's virtually no masonry project we can't handle. Deadlines will be met when you give us a project, so give us a call today to get started. Our craftsmanship and professionalism speak for themselves, and we've successfully completed numerous masonry projects for people like you over the years. New pavers installation is an excellent choice for sprucing up your outdoor space and for providing contrast between your lawn and landscaping features. Brick and stone pavers provide added texture and depth and a subtle pop of color around your yard, as well as safe walkways over grass and around flowerbeds and shrubs.

Today’s patio and walkway pavers are more colorful than ever before. Large pavers provide a stately elegance while smaller pavers add visual interest and depth. Our brick and stone paver experts can show you all the latest styles of patio and walkway pavers, in designs, you’ll love and prices you can afford. We do our best to deliver the results you expect for the money you always pay on time and on a budget. Pavers come in numerous materials: clay, concrete, brick, and natural stone, to name a few. Each material has unique benefits, arrives at different prices, and can change your property’s aesthetic. Concrete pavers, for instance, are the most cost-effective option. Clay pavers are a middle-of-the-road option that can last for years, and brick has qualities that can’t easily be replicated. While natural stone is the costliest choice, it makes up for it in terms of longevity and beauty.

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